Symphony Windblast 95 Exhaust

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Category Symphony Windblast 95 Exhaust

Symphony Windblast 95 EX Desert Air Cooler


  • Room Air Cooler for up to 48 m² (515 Sqft)

  • Xtra power fan with exhaust-like speed

  • Cool Flow Dispenser for uniform cooling

  • High efficiency honeycomb pad for superior cooling

  • Personal Cooler with Large 95L water-tank capacity

  • Consumes 260 watts* only

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About Product :
High-Speed Cooling Fan: Our air cooler comes equipped with an exceptionally powerful fan operating at exhaust fan-like speeds. No more hot and uncomfortable spots in your space! Experience superior cooling in every corner, eliminating hotspots and providing a consistently comfortable atmosphere even on the hottest days.

Powerful Air Throw with Auto Swing: Enjoy cooling comfort like never before! Our air cooler boasts a potent air throw that propels refreshing, cool air across the room, reaching every nook and cranny effortlessly. The auto swing feature ensures even distribution of airflow, creating a consistent and comfortable climate in your living space. Effortless, efficient cooling is now a luxury you can indulge in.

Cool Flow Dispenser Technology: Embrace the future of cooling with our cutting-edge Cool Flow Dispenser technology. This innovative system regulates water flow evenly across the cooling pads, maintaining an optimal temperature in the cooler. Whether it’s the scorching heat of summer or the chill of winter, our technology ensures your environment remains comfortable and refreshing throughout the year. Say goodbye to seasonal adjustments and hello to year-round cooling excellence!

Upgrade your cooling experience with our Xtra Power Fan Air Cooler. Enjoy superior cooling, effortless operation, and consistent comfort. Stay fresh, stay cool, and make every day a breeze!

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