Clearing And Forwarding Services

Category Clearing & Forwarding Services (C&F Agents)

C&F services involve running day to day operations of a warehouse. At a micro level, it includes receiving stocks, organizing warehouse, scheduling labour, managing inventory, fulfilling orders as per dispatch plan and submitting various Management Information System (MIS) reports. We under SSGD group has a diverse and rich experience of providing C&F services in Indore (catering to state of Madhya Pradesh) since last 23 years.

Reasons to choose us as your C&F Service Provider:-

1. Present working infrastructure of more than 35000 sq.ft.  in Indore, M.P.

2. Experienced team of 20+ employees working day in day out to meet the client requirements on time

3. Easy connectivity and reach to all the major transporters from the premises

4. Capable of making and delivering all MIS reports as per company/client needs.

5. Real time data and inventory management done by the team so that any sudden audits can be managed with ease

6. Well trained staff with capability of working on various software like SAP, Busy, Tally, Marg etc.

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