Symphony Movicool L200i

INR 25990

Category Symphony Movicool L200i

Symphony Movicool L 200i Commercial Cooler (200-litres)

•    Commercial cooler with Powerful 20m* air throw for faster cooling
•    3-side high efficiency honeycomb pads
•    Robust weather resistant body for long life
•    Large space cooler with 8500 m³/hr* air delivery
•    Digital touchscreen & full function remote
•    Empty water-tank alarm
•    Fully closable horizontal louvers
•    Auto vertical swing
•    Low power consumption - 215 watts* only
•    This commercial cooler has powerful 3 speed fan
•    Easily removable and cleanable cooling pads
•    3-side dust filters for pure healthy air
•    Float valve for auto water filling
•    Lockable heavy-duty wheels

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About Product :
Stay on top of your cooling game with thoughtful features designed for your convenience. The refill reminder ensures you never run out of water, allowing you to focus on your work worry-free. Take charge effortlessly from anywhere with the multi-function remote, making adjustments at the press of a button. The high-efficiency cooling pad positioned on three sides guarantees even cooling in every corner, eliminating concerns about seating arrangements. Maintenance becomes a breeze with easy-to-remove cooling pads, preserving their efficiency over time. With three dust control filters, dirt and insects stay out, reducing the time you spend on internal upkeep. Experience streamlined comfort with these innovative features at your fingertips.

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