Symphony Movicool L125

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Category Symphony Movicool L125

Symphony Movicool L 125 Commercial Cooler (125-litres)

•    Commercial cooler with powerful 20m* air throw for faster cooling
•    3-side high efficiency honeycomb cooling pads for Superior Cooling
•    Robust weather resistant body for long life
•    8500 m³/hr* air delivery
•    Fully closable horizontal louvers
•    Low power consumption - 215 watts* only
•    This cooler has powerful 3 speed fan
•    Easily removable and cleanable cooling pads
•    This cooler contains 3-side dust filters for pure healthy air
•    Cool Flow Dispenser for Enhanced Cooling
•    Float valve for auto water filling
•    Lockable heavy-duty wheels

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About Product:
Embrace durability with a weather-resistant body that can withstand harsh conditions, making this commercial air cooler ideal for demanding industrial environments. With a unique three-side cooling pad design, enjoy uniform cooling in all directions. Symphony goes further by offering a wide water inlet, ensuring hassle-free refills without any mess. The powerful 3-level fan adapts to your cooling needs, while easily removable cooling pads simplify maintenance and keep efficiency intact over time.

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