Symphony Siesta 95XLS

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Siesta 95 XLS Desert Air Cooler with Powerful Fan 


•    For rooms up to 34m² (370 Sqft)

•    High efficiency honeycomb pads

•   Clean air with i-pure technology having multistage filters

•    Cool Flow Dispenser for superior cooling

•    Powerful fan

•    Large 95L water-tank capacity

•   Suitable for Large Rooms

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About Product :
Introducing the all-new Honeycomb Cooling Pads, redefining cooling technology for the better. Our innovative honeycomb design and enhanced fiber structure deliver lasting cooling performance while adding strength to the product.

Experience unmatched air circulation with our End-to-End Circulation feature. Whether you have a large room or a cozy space, our cooler ensures even airflow distribution, keeping every corner refreshed.

Prioritizing your health, our i-Pure Technology offers multi-tier filtration to keep out pollutants, germs, and allergens. Enjoy a constant supply of clean, cool air for a fresher environment.

Say goodbye to high electricity bills with our power-efficient design. Our cooler runs smoothly even during hot summers and humid rainy seasons.

The Ergonomic Fan Design with patented fan blade technology provides stronger air currents compared to regular fans, ensuring everyone in the room feels the cooling effect.

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